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Risk and Risk Perception
in scientifically controversial
or complex domains

Perceptions and responses

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This focus area undertakes analysis of societal problems and associated technologies that pose significant controversial implementation challenges. Studies focus on the manner in which human cognition, culture and belief systems shape perceptions of and responses to technologies designed to address societal problems. In so doing, the CRCM aims to help shape the course of how our society prepares and manages risks derived from such scientific and technological controversies.

Collective action processes / Intensive risk controversies

CRCM also studies collective action processes, including risk communication, advocacy and stakeholder engagement, that are central to the public policy process in these complex and controversial domains. The CRCM also focuses on the way that intensive risk controversies affect the organizations and personnel charged with the scientific and technical work relevant to the areas of controversy.

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Substantive policy and technology domains

Some of the substantive policy and technology domains on which the CRCM will continue to focus its risk and risk perception work include:

Primary research &
analytical themes

Risk and Risk Perception in scientifically controversial or complex domains

Weather, Climate and Public Policy

Disaster and Crisis Management

Studying Risk,
Risk Perception,
& Crisis Management

An interdisciplinary research center

The CRCM is an interdisciplinary research center at the University of Oklahoma that studies risk, risk perception and crisis management in several substantive domains. The areas of research interest and expertise include energy and the environment, weather and climate, national security and terrorism, and the social dynamics surrounding complex controversial technologies.

New pathways for understanding

The CRCM seeks to develop new pathways for understanding and managing technological and environmental risks. The CRCM maintains an expanding network of affiliated researchers from other universities, national laboratories, and federal agencies to assist in both defining and utilizing new and unexpected opportunities for research and public policy analysis.

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